The UK could see a major national shortage of driving instructors in the second half of and beyond. Many learner drivers are now back on the road after lessons were suspended because of the coronavirus crisis. Some , tests were cancelled and tens of thousands more were delayed because of the virus, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA said. That’s according to car insurance provider Marmalade , whose research suggests it could prove difficult to find an instructor with space for new learners over the coming months — particularly as more people choose to move away from using public transport. The researchers looked at the potential number of new young learners based on the amount of people turning years-old each year against the number of registered approved driving instructors ADIs. According to data from the Department of Transport there were 39, registered ADIs in the UK at the start of , with , people turning years-old and potentially looking to start driving. This works out at about In addition to the , people turning 17 in , almost 1. Based on current trends, the number of instructors on the road in looks set to fall to just over 38, as more instructors retire or move into other careers themselves, which could make things difficult for provisional drivers.

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Please refresh the page and retry. Richard Graham said he feared young drivers might be at risk “of being groomed by predatory instructors” as he raised a case from his own Gloucester constituency that he had been made aware of. Mr Graham suggested similar rules should be in place for driving instructors when their pupils are under the age of 18 given the fact that people can start driving when they are Speaking at Prime Minister’s questions, Mr Graham said: “It is a criminal offence for those like teachers, in a position of trust, to have a sexual relationship with those young people under

Keeping your licence up to date online. You can use to keep your licence up to date when your details change or if you want to add extra categories to.

It’s one of the only sectors where social distancing won’t work – and instructors are fearfully waiting until it is safe to get behind the wheel. Driving instructors from across Kent have spoken about the uncertain future of their sector post-lockdown. It is also feared this industry will be the last to return to normal due to the safety implications of sitting in a car with a student, clearly flouting the two metre social distancing rules.

The Kent people at risk of losing their livelihood due to the coronavirus. Despite Alison Davis, a trainee instructor, rightly saying people “couldn’t be less socially distanced in a car,” a very small minority do remain on the road. Whether they work within a company or independently, all instructors are individual and must wait for the self employment financial aid to be paid to them in June.

Those starting out have had their future shrouded in uncertainty, with exams to qualify currently on hold. We’ve spoken to some of the county’s instructors who all have their own fears about the unknown. Chris Bensted, a driving instructor of 12 years, gave an outline of the training process for driving instructors and how the lockdown has left them in a difficult position. He said: “The trainee process can take anywhere between six to 24 months, there are three steps in that process before they become instructors.

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Theresa May urged to ban driving instructors from having sexual relationships with young students

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RED engages directly with individual franchised driving instructors, who are self-employed and act in their capacity as franchisees of RED under the terms of a franchise agreement between RED and the instructor. The contract for driving tuition is solely between you and your instructor. It is your responsibility to provide your instructor with proof that you have a valid licence to drive before the commencement of your first driving lesson.

If you fail to provide this proof, your instructor is entitled to refuse to conduct the driving lesson but may still charge you for such driving lesson. RED operates its website and its contact centre in order to allow you, the customer, to purchase driving lessons packages with a RED driving instructor. You can pay for driving lessons in advance via one of the following methods:. As part of its booking service, RED confirm and agree that the following shall apply to all pre-paid bookings:.

You can also pay for lessons by paying your instructor directly without involving RED. Your instructor will confirm which payment methods they can accept. If you pay your instructor directly you should obtain a receipt.

Sexual ‘exploitation’ warning to driving instructors

You are entitled to change a UK practical driving test date free of charge to either a later date or an earlier date than your current practical driving test date if one is available. By frequently checking the availability of earlier driving test dates, a short notice test may become available. You should make sure however that you either have a suitable car ready for a short notice test or that your driving instructor can accommodate this new date for you.

Use a qualified driving instructor. It may be tempting to learn to drive from a friend or a family member to keep costs down, but you may also be picking up their.

W hen Philippa was 17, growing up in a small Peak District community, there was only one driving instructor in the village. But her lessons became uncomfortable. In the past fortnight, I have heard from 20 women and one man who were sexually harassed or assaulted by their driving instructors. Their experiences bear a series of striking hallmarks: almost all were young and inexperienced at the time; they all describe feeling vulnerable and powerless, trapped in a car in a potentially dangerous situation, with no witnesses present and an older man in a position of power over them.

Several tried to tell their families what had happened, only to be disbelieved or told not to make a fuss. Some tried to report their instructor to the driving school, but were brushed off or ignored. And for many, the long-term impact was severe. Philippa, like many of the others, never learned to drive. She was These stories are not unusual. In the past six years, more than women have reported sexual harassment or assault from driving teachers to the Everyday Sexism Project.

When the MeToo movement snowballed, a group of 10 women in San Francisco connected on social media after each had separately spoken out about allegations of harassment and assault by the same driving instructor. And just last month, a driving instructor in Fife, Neil Addison , was jailed for sexually abusing 14 female students during lessons in his car. These range from using sexualised language, unnecessary physical contact, through to inappropriate messages or images being sent to pupils.

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Driving instructors who strike up inappropriate relationships with young learner drivers face being banned from teaching, following new rules from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA. The DVSA reports that there were investigations into instructor misconduct between April and March , although that represents only a small fraction of the 39, licensed instructors in the Great Britain.

The new rules mean instructors found to have had an inappropriate relationship with a young student face being removed from the approved driving instructor ADI register, effectively banning them from giving lessons. This includes using sexualised language, making unnecessary physical contact, making inappropriate contact and sending indecent messages or images to pupils. Want to learn how to drive?

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Whether you are 17 or 70, your driving test can be a little daunting. Being fully prepared, though, can ensure that you don’t spend a small fortune on retaking your test time and time again – which is why we’ve put together a list of tips to help you pass first time. It may be tempting to learn to drive from a friend or a family member to keep costs down, but you may also be picking up their bad habits and failing to fully grasp the basics. If you’ve already driven in the area, you’ll be more likely to know the road layouts, the lane markings, the traffic signals, the speed limits and other elements that will help you drive with confidence on the day of your test.

If you don’t know the area, aim to turn up an hour early on the day so that you can have a good look around. So that you know what to expect on the day, organise a practice test with your driving instructor, where you drive under marked test conditions and have to complete all elements of the test.

Driving test abandoned after hit-and-run motorist crashes into student during exam

We’ve improved the guide to include everything you need to know about qualifying and being an ADI. It should make faster to find what you need. ADIs are in a position of considerable trust.

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